Underlying Principles

We will be guided by ten underlying principles:


1. Excellent Pastoral Care: Each student’s well-being will be tracked alongside any academic data.  Vertical groupings will help to develop a strong sense of community across the school.

2. Focused Core Skills: Each student will be taught core skills in groups appropriate to their need, across ages.  

3. Creative and Flexible Curriculum: The curriculum will be innovative, flexible and active, giving students the opportunity to study through different learning styles.  It will provide students with both knowledge and skills that can be applied in later life such as enquiry and confidence. We will use dyslexia-friendly approaches across the school as we believe that a school that teaches in a way that is dyslexia-friendly is also learning friendly. Research has shown that dyslexia-friendly approaches benefit all children.

4. Assistive Use of ICT: ICT will be used right across the curriculum to help the students to gain full access to all subject areas.  This will also give them tools and strategies that they can apply in later life.

5. Explicit Skills Teaching: By finding and developing areas of strength, students will have their self-esteem and their confidence developed. Explicit study and organisational skills will be taught, as well as metacognitive skills so that students can consider how they learn best.


6. Changing the Perception of Dyslexia: Helping children to recognise the positive aspects of dyslexia.


7. Wider Provision: We see the school providing more than just a curriculum.  70% of children with dyslexia have co-occurring conditions, so the school aims to offer integrated speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and counselling services, according to individual needs.


8. Preparation for the Future: We want our students to grow to understand their strengths and to use this to help them to know what they want to do in the future.  Fundamental to our philosophy is producing well-rounded individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in whatever field they choose.  We want every student to move onto either a job or further study.


9. Centre of Excellence: We aim to become a centre of excellence for dyslexia-friendly teaching within a mainstream context that will be able to share good practice with other local schools.


10. Family Outreach and Support: We hope that parents and carers will feel an integral part of our school community.


Our plan is that our facilities will be engaging, colourful and visual – capturing all the senses to stimulate learning.