Exciting Apps to Support Learning

The summer holidays have arrived!!! What are you going to do with the children to keep them happy for the next few weeks?

This week, Da Vinci School brings you app ideas to keep little brains ticking over the summer holidays!

Of course, this is a time of rest and relaxation after a long year of hard work and study. However, as parents we don’t want all of that learning to grow dim and slide away. Carefully chosen apps on a tablet can keep parent and child happy by presenting educational material in a format that is appealing and that doesn’t feel like more school.

Below are some of my children’s educational favourites taken from my iPad collection:

Key Stage 1

  • Eggy Numbers to 100. This was very helpful for my youngest daughter who took more time to develop number sense early on. It has several activities looking at counting, recognising numbers, estimating and difference. The Mighty Maths app then takes this on to work on early place value.

  • Spellosaur 400. This app is designed to help your child to learn the first 400 high frequency words. There are various games that incorporate reading, matching and spelling to keep it interesting. Nessy’s Hairy Words apps are also great to support early reading and spelling. The Hairies are hilarious little characters that do all kinds of silly things.

Key Stages 1-2

  • Doodlemaths. This is a great app, which assesses your child’s maths knowledge and then gives them a small number of questions a day to reinforce what they have learned and fill in the gaps. The questions are presented in lots of different formats and the children earn stars to buy things for their virtual pet.

  • Squeebles. There are lots of variations of Squeebles apps but they are all hugely appealing to children. We use Squeebles Times Tables at home for tables learning and consolidation, alongside Squeebles Division to link the facts together. Squeebles Spelling is a useful app as you can record and add your child’s own tricky words to work on over the summer.

Key Stage 2

  • Word Cookies. All my children (and us parents) are addicted to this one and it’s great for journeys or when waiting around at activities. The children are given five letters and a certain number of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-letter words that can be made from those letters. If they find all of the words then they win a go on a short game. Great for vocabulary building and spelling.

  • Pizza Maths. This is a good visual app for the learning of fractions, decimals and percentages. It uses pizza to practice fractions of amounts and then equivalency too. The child’s reward is to earn more and more toppings and then to design their own virtual pizza.

  • Story Cubes. Another good one for journeys. Nine virtual dice are thrown. Start with ‘Once upon a time...’ and use the cubes to tell a story using all nine images.

  • Grammaropolis. This is an all singing, all dancing app designed to help children to remember the parts of speech. I challenge you to hear this just once and then not walk around for days singing ‘Noun Town, what’s that sound...’!

This is just a tiny taste of the apps that are out there; a selection only of those my family have enjoyed.

Please do feel free to use our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/davincischooluk) to share your own great finds with the Da Vinci community and with the team. We’d all love to hear about those we haven’t discovered for ourselves yet.

Happy summer everyone!!