Answers to some FAQ including who we are and our vision.

An overview of who we are:

Da Vinci School are looking to set up an all through school for students aged 4-18. This school will have a focus on mastery of core skills in English and mathematics as well as a creative approach to the rest of the curriculum through project-based learning, using our freedoms as an academy to personalise learning to engage the students.

We are looking at strategies to improve progress for all pupil groups and will be using dyslexia friendly approaches as these have been shown to raise the attainment of all. This is in response to parental demand and an identified need for raising standards in progress, attainment and attendance locally.

What is a Free School?

A Free School is a government funded school set up in response to the need for places in the local area. It has certain ‘freedoms’ including determining the best curriculum for the students of that particular school, rather than having to follow the National Curriculum. In our mind that is a huge plus as it enables greater creativity and flexibility to ensure we can do the best for every student.

When do we hope to open?

We are currently in the application phase. We are waiting for the government to announce the application date, but our application is complete and just having final tweaks being made. We are aiming to open in September 2019 with an intake in Reception and Year 7.

Our application is a huge document which proves to the Department for Education that we both have the capability to set up a school, as well as a carefully thought out education plan for the school. It includes sections on our rationale and vision, our curriculum plan, the need for our school, the governance that will be ensuring that our school is of an outstanding level, the finances to ensure that our plans are properly costed and an outline of possible locations.

Who is the team behind Da Vinci School?

There is a large committee behind Da Vinci School. Currently we have a team whose expertise comprises of a primary school headteacher; a secondary school headteacher (who has been involved in the setting up of another free school); the chair of a multi academy trust; other educational professionals who have expertise in understanding potential barriers to learning and enabling good progress for all abilities; a specialist in finance; a property specialist; an expert in governance and a marketing expert. We are all volunteers who are giving our time to ensure that our vision can become reality.

So, what is our vision?

Our vision is for our students to be the best they can be academically, beyond the curriculum and personally, through providing an inspiring, inclusive and innovative curriculum.

To achieve this, our approach will be offering an alternative delivery to the traditional National Curriculum education, focusing on mastery of core skills and project-based learning to provide a creative approach to learning to suit all young people.

A clear, structured pathway will be provided for the students to choose their learning journey, with clear signposts of success so that students can develop their aspirations and abilities as teachers monitor and guide them on their way.

Underpinning all our work is our ethos:

We believe that learning for all happens best in a nurturing, inclusive environment, where students feel safe to take on challenges and so engage with their learning.

Keep an eye on our future blogs where we will look at some of these in more detail. #WeAreDaVinci