Excellence for everyone.

Part of the Da Vinci School philosophy is excellence for everyone, but what does this mean in practice?

Our central principle is that of personalising learning, so that each student finds not only the subjects they can excel at, but also the ways they learn best, so this will look different for every child. Key features will be our broad, balanced and engaging curriculum; different options for learning outputs and opportunities for enrichment in chosen areas.

The curriculum will be structured from Reception to Year 8 to give students a wide educational experience, especially promoting links between learning. Options will be chosen for the start of Year 9, to give students a solid foundation of learning across three years for their GCSEs. There has been much research outlining the benefits of a well-rounded education (see http://timeandlearning.org/research/well-rounded-education for more detail).

In addition, within each subject area, students will be given a choice of learning outputs ranging from standard written work, to use of different technologies. Our aim is that they learn the content through choosing different methods of presentation (with guidance), making the most of the way they, as individuals, learn best.

Also, we will be having enrichment afternoons all the way through from Reception to Year 8. These will consist of opportunities to follow areas of particular interest for each student e.g. engineering,

dance, drama, music or art. We aim to use specialists in these fields to nurture and develop any particular talents within the children, as well as looking towards competitions to extend and challenge them.

Over the coming weeks in our blogs, we will be exploring these aspects in more depth, as well as looking at other aspects of school life- do check back to find out more.

We will be holding 'taster sessions' over the summer holiday to showcase the DaVinci way - look out for details coming soon!