Our Curriculum

We will teach mastery of core skills such as reading, spelling and maths at a level appropriate to each pupil.  We will have vertical groupings for these areas and will provide opportunities for each pupil to have as much reinforcement of a skill as they need, through careful monitoring and adjusting of groups.

The rest of the curriculum will be taught in a creative cross curricular way, with cross-curricular themes being used alongside subject teaching at Key Stage 3.  Subject specialist staff will teach throughout the secondary phase.  Emphasis will be on learning through a pupil's preferred learning style and will include skills focus and exploration. 

Where a pupil chooses to access another subject through literacy, they will be encouraged to use assistive technology to help them, should they need to. 

We will teach study skills and organisational skills appropriate to the pupil's age.

Our older pupils will be able to take options for GCSEs or vocational courses.