Frequently Asked questions

Where will Da Vinci School be situated?

We are looking in the north of the Tonbridge and Malling District around the TN15 postcode.

Have you found a site?

We have identified a number of potential sites and will be including these in our proposal.  If our proposal is accepted, we will then work with the Department for Education to secure a definite site.

What will your catchment area be?

On average, a primary school has an average catchment area of just over 1 mile and the average secondary school has a catchment area of just over 10 miles. Having said that, a new school tends to have a wider catchment area in the first few years.  In addition, we are hoping to add a clause to our admissions policy prioritising those with Specific Learning Difficulites as we know that whilst all will benefit from our way of learning, these students will need an approach like ours.

How is the application progressing?

We have been working on the application for a number of years, however we are now confident the we will be able to submit an application in mid November for the secondary phase.  We will keep you posted on our progress.